Western style Chinese food is COMPLETELY different from the Chinese food in China. It was extremely naïve of me to think that I would be able to get Western Style Chicken […]

  This picture is from when we visited the Shoalin temple in Henan.  In this picture we are all standing on and around one of the greatest pieces in the […]

During my homestay my family took a lot of interest into me.  My host’s name was Angel.  She was a very sweet girl and we had a lot in common.  […]

One thing that really shocked me while in China was how much watermelon Chinese people eat and grow. Even on the first day, just driving around the city you could […]

My host family experience

I loved my host family honestly. Me and another camper wen together and I feel like that helped a lot with breaking the ice and conversation. Our students had already […]

Two of my favorite cultural activities  were Chinese calligraphy and Chinese bracelet making. I was so good at the bracelet making that my Chinese teacher, Linda, wanted me to show […]

Climbing the Great Wall

  Not many people can say this but thanks to the Confucius Institute at Emory University and The Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation I can officially say “I climbed the Great […]