We’re On Our Way to China!

The Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation is partnering  with the Confucius Institute in Atlanta at Emory University for our 2014 Study Abroad Program.

33 students from the MJYF Leadership Academy and high schools across the metro-Atlanta area, will be totally immersed in Chinese language, culture, and society during our trip from July 15th through August 2nd.

This 2014 Study Abroad Program is co-sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters in China (CIH)/Hanban (a non-profit organization affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education) and through a grants MJYF received from Jackmont Hospitality and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

As the students blog about our activities in China, follow along with us, and encourage others to follow our blog and experience China with us too!


  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute of your visit to China. Stay up late and get up early so you can maximize on your experience. You can sleep on the plane ride back.


  2. I’m so excited for you all! I’ve visited China and it’s a magnificent experience. Be especially curious and ask questions. Observe the people as well as the places. Be safe and appreciate this special opportunity.
    Wish I were with you. Love to everyone,
    Valerie Jackson (Mrs. Maynard Jackson)


  3. I am so proud of all of you, especially my niece, Xayla. You have been selected to experience things that so many others just dream of. Have fun, learn a lot, share what you learn with others, and NEVER STOP DREAMING, WORKING, AND ACHIEVING. The whole world is your given classroom. God bless you all.


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