Calligraphy and Bracelet Making

Over the course of my China experience, two arts that stood out to me were bracelet making and Calligraphy. Both of which require exemplary skill and patience.

When writing calligraphy, I noticed that I would have had a much easier time if my penmanship was better than substantial. My handwriting is just barely legible. While my teachers were teaching me the art, I noticed myself become internally frustrated because I just couldn’t grasp why it was so difficult. I quickly became discouraged. As quickly as that occurred, I quickly realized that it takes a skill to be developed and cultivated to be excellent in calligraphy.

When bracelet making, It did not take me long to notice how extremely tedious and difficult it is. As stated before, it requires skill and patience. These are two traits that I do not inherently posses as far bracelet making goes. I enjoyed doing this because it taught me that I needed to be more patient in life and that I can take this home and bond with my younger sister.


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