Chinese Food…The Real Stuff

Western style Chinese food is COMPLETELY different from the Chinese food in China. It was extremely naïve of me to think that I would be able to get Western Style Chicken Lo Mein in China.

When going to China, I never processed how the food would differ from the Western Chinese food that I am accustomed to. It was an extreme eye opener.

When going to breakfast, I noticed how we obviously we’re not eating traditional American breakfast food. We were given a plethora of different types of vegetables, fruits, bread, and dough type dishes and other items. All of the dishes were so foreign, I opted to eating bread, fruit, and meats for breakfast every morning.

Aside from the different type of breakfast foods, I tried many different fruits and dishes that I had never tried or heard of before. One fruit in particular that I tasted was dragon fruit. It was fairly odd and tasteless, but overall it was fun trying new things.

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