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Significant Activity

            If I had to be straight forward to the question what was the most significant part about going to China; I would say going to China. To narrow it down I have to say the Chinese Learning Classes. Now us as young Americans hear the word class and automatically do not want to go, think it is boring etc. I have been taking Chinese classes for three years now and my dialogue improved tremendously when taking the Chinese Language Class almost every day while in China. While going on this trip I thought about how this was going to benefit my future.  Once ruminating about the trip I first thought about how colleges look at the different things you have done during your high school years. This was a plus. Secondly, I thought about if I were to get fluent with my Chinese Language, I could travel around the world and teach others in schools how to speak Chinese. Overall expanding my Chinese language was the most important part pf my trip to China.

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