My host family experience

I loved my host family honestly. Me and another camper wen together and I feel like that helped a lot with breaking the ice and conversation. Our students had already graduated and had their own apartment and everything. And I guess since im so small they saw me as a baby. But honestly I didn’t mind it. After our day out at the mall, we went to the one of their families home and have a BBQ. They cooked for us and it was so good. We had wings on skewers, and clams. At first I didn’t want to eat the clams, but then I was encouraged by my fellow camper and they were really good. They also had steaks and watermelon, of course. All the food was so good and the people so nice. One of the girls, named Ryan, gave me a necklace to wear. I later learn that she was very shy to talk to me although her English was very good. We all became so close in such a short time, but I really wish we had more time with each other. And hopefully one day we will.


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