My Homestay

During my homestay my family took a lot of interest into me.  My host’s name was Angel.  She was a very sweet girl and we had a lot in common.  First Angel took me to her home to meet her family.  When we got there her mother had already started making dumplings and asked me to help her.  After the dumplings were cooked we sat down and ate lunch with her mother and father.  For desert we ate sweet tomatoes, which I really enjoyed.  After lunch Angel and I went to the mall for some sightseeing and shopping.  and for dinner we went to this amazing restaurant with good staff and a plethora of choices in food.  That restaurant was by far one of the best I ever been to.  When it was all over we came back to the dorms and talked for a little before she had t leave.  We exchanged gifts and gave our last goodbyes.  Although we are still in contact through WeChat, I will miss her so much.

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