This year MJYF have me an amazing summer . They kept me educationally fulfilled as well as keeping me intrigued and excited with out boring me. I participated in college […]

After going to China I’ve seen the difference between education in America and China first hand. Though I love America I do think it would be beneficial for us to […]

One of the most significant events for me was climbing the great wall. Although the scenery was so beautiful the most important memory I kept was that I had all […]

Chinese food was a lot different than I expected. The traditional Chinese food isn’t like the stuff you get for take-out in America. I enjoyed the food at first, but […]

Going to China I barely knew any Mandarin. I understood hello, thank you, and a few numbers. It was really weird not being able to understand anything. But, after the […]

Since the study abroad trip to China my definition of “luxury ” has definetely changed. I’ve realized that small things are the things you miss the most. Small things such […]

Having the privilege to study abroad in the beautiful country of China is a once in a lifetime opportunity. witnessing the Chinese lifestyle, learning their language, and exploring the beautiful […]